In 1890 Francois Saviez took the long voyage across the Atlantic ocean to America from his native homeland of France. After arriving to Ellis Island he made a decision to head west to California.  Francois found himself in the small town of Calistoga California in the Napa Valley where he met and married Marie.   


     From 1890 to 1900 Francois worked for the prominent Coit Family of San Francisco managing their vineyards along the Silverado Trail and Larkmead Lane.  In 1900 the Coit Family decided to sell the Vineyards to Francois and return to San Francisco.  It was at this time the Saviez Family set it roots in Calistoga.  In 1916 Francois decided to build a small winery and began making premium wines. 


     On January 16th, 1920, only a few years after the completion of the Saviez Winery, prohibition was enacted by the United States Government. Francois had made a decision to continue to produce wine to provide for his family.  That decision did not come without severe consequences.  In 1923, Government Agents (G Men) came to the winery and destroyed the families prized wine.  After 13 long years of bootlegging the prized Saviez Wines, prohibition was finally lifted on December 5th 1933.  The family was again able to make wine and was back in business.


      In the year 1944 Francois passed away and shortly after that the Saviez Family Winery was devastated by the Napa Valley fire of 1946.  It wasn’t until 1997 that the Saviez Family resumed making award winning Napa Valley wines.  Today the family continues to make some of the finest single vineyard wines from some of the most coveted vineyards in the Napa Valley.  In 2006 the family expanded its wine production and started making wines from their other estate vineyards in Central California along the San Joaquin River.


For over 150 years the tradition of making fine wine has been carried on throughout the generations and continues to this day. 


Francois Saviez

Marie Saviez